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Outdoor Chandeliers ~ideas and location

May 15th, 2009 by Maria

Outdoor chandeliers are a special way to light many outdoor areas. Below you will find outside lighting tips, ranging from safety issues to planning ideas. From small decks to large porches, to sun rooms and gazebos, an outdoor chandelier is a perfect way to make those special evenings even more memorable.


Whenever choosing outdoor chandeliers~

1. Be sure it is UL approved for outside and wet/damp locations.

2. An outside chandelier should come with sealed circuitry, a switch which is rubber coated, and a heavy outdoor cord which has a grounded plug.

3. Whenever a chandelier is exposed to more weather, i.e. in a shallow outdoor entry, choosing one with waterproof glass shades is not a bad idea.

4. Lastly, if you want one with fabric shades, be sure the shades are made from a weather resistant fabric or material.


Deck or porch lighting~

Beyond safety and weather durability of outdoor chandeliers, you also should consider where you are planning to place your new light. When a chandelier is located over a table, a down light included in the chandelier is very helpful.

Gazebo lights~ Many gazebos have a steeper pitch to the roof. Here is a perfect place to incorporate a “taller” chandelier, one with more height. (Not usually as viable of a choice with a normal porch ceiling height.)

Royce 4 Light Outdoor Chandelier

Sun room lighting~ Sun rooms and solariums are another wise place to utilize a outdoor rated light fixture. Especially in the case that the sun room has extensive plants or a hot tub, the extra humidity can be very taxing on a chandelier not rated for outside, damp use.

Low voltage lighting~ Turn your outside space even more “GREEN” with a low voltage outdoor chandelier. There are two prime advantages to a low voltage light- 1. the lower energy consumption, and 2. low voltage is a more stable light source than a solar powered light. Solar lights can tend to grow dim.

Once you determine where you plan to hang your outdoor chandelier then it is time to select the style. Kichler outdoor lighting is a very popular style. Other brand names are Royce and Madaga. In lighting you get what you pay for. At times name brands do help to insure that that outdoor light will in fact hold up over time because it is made from stronger and an overall better selection of material.

One style of outdoor chandeliers is the large outdoor chandeliers. Typically they have multiple lights, an wider span, and also taller. Mini chandeliers are fine, but at times the larger ones meet the need the best. When using an outdoor chandelier over a table or in the center of an area where you like to visit with people, then a fixture which is capable of shedding more light is important. Also in larger areas the outdoor chandelier becomes central to the focal point of the area.

An outside chandelier is in fact the same thing as an outdoor chandelier. As the name implies it is meant for outdoor use. At times, as mentioned above with sun rooms and solarium, it is better to choose a fixture rated for outdoor use. It should be remembered that just because a fixture is intended for the outside of the home it does not mean that it cannot be used elsewhere inside of the home. If you find an outside chandelier that suits your needs and fits with the decor of a room, don’t hesitate to go ahead and use it.

One of the most sought after lights of our visitors has been outdoor chandeliers for gazebos. Gazebos are other places in which these lights work well. From solar light units to taller longer models, gazebo chandeliers are part of the wide world of gazebo lighting. When a homeowner is going to the expense of adding an area that an outdoor chandelier would be suitable for, they usually like to invest in their home’s outdoor design as a whole. Things such as gazebos become part of the area. So be sure to take a look at our outdoor gazebo chandelier article for more details.

BUT MOST OF ALL: Your outside chandelier should reflect the overall character of you and your exterior home design. There are numerous choices out there, from rustic log cabins to beach motif, and contemporary to classic. Whatever YOUR choice, have fun with it and turn your area into somewhere you want to linger just a little bit longer…

During the fall and winter months other outside lighting such as outdoor Christmas Decorations, outdoor tree lights, and solar Christmas lights are great choices to enrich the outside of the home and to celebrate the holiday season.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Gazebo Chandelier

June 20th, 2011 by Maria

Maxim Lighting Carriage House Hanging Lantern


When looking at gazebos there are two main kinds to choose from, the wooden construction permanent style or the popup gazebos. Choosing lighting for them is important and helps people to use them in after dark situations. Parties or just relaxing after the sun descends is so refreshing. In more rural areas the street lights and neighborhood lights are not as prevalent, or may be absent all together so choosing an outdoor chandelier and other lighting to compensate is a good choice.

Gazebo Chandelier

World Imports Old Sturbridge

The gazebo chandelier is designed to hang within the confines of a gazebo. If electricity or an extension cord is handy then an electric gazebo chandelier is a good option. A permanent gazebo structure should be able to support any outdoor chandelier’s weight. Materials such as wrought iron or very complicated chandelier can weight a whole lot, so suspending them can be a problem. If a nice beam or rafter is high over head then the problem is solved. There is a wide variety of outdoor chandeliers, so if electricity is available then all you have to do is choose one that works well for your space.

Hanging Lanterns

With the high peaked ceiling of a gazebo it may prove better to select a hanging lantern instead of an outdoor chandelier. Here are two examples of hanging lanterns. The first is a Maxim Lighting Carriage House DC 3 Light Outdoor Handing Lantern. It has a die cast aluminum finish in an oriental bronze with a water glass shade. It uses three candelabra bulbs with a max of 60 watt. This light is 12.5 inches wide by 24.5 inches tall. It is UL listed for a hard wire connection in a wet location. If a dimmer is installed it can work well with this fixture. The manufacture also states that, “Warranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of shipment.” This light ships individually to the United States and to other select countries. The list price is $111.60.

The second hanging lantern is a World Imports Brand Old Sturbridge 3 Light Indoor/ Outdoor Handing Lantern in Bronze. This fixture is 11 inches x 11 inches x 23 inches high. It weight nine pounds. It also takes three 60 watt bulbs. For the higher ceiling of a gazebo it comes with a ten foot chain and also twelve feet of wire. It has a bronze finish and a bend clear seedy glass panels and cast leaf details. This light retails for $304.20 and is eligible for free Super Saving Shipping From Amazon. For those out of the United States this fixture can also be shipped to some other countries. Check with Amazon for availability.

It should be noted that not all hanging lanterns are rated for outdoor use, so be sure to look at the labels.

Gazebo Lights

Outdoor Sting Lights

For gazebo lights the ceiling is important, but also the sides. The most popular lights for the walls is actually a string light. Pictured here is a 140 light string. The total length is 103.75 feet. The gazebo lights can be installed on either a portable popup gazebo like this one or on a permanent structure. The lights are pretty bright and many satisfied customers left good remarks. It does take some doing to install it on to the frame. Wrapping it around like Christmas lights or using hangers are both ways to attach it.  One happy buyer said it was “just like in the photos”. With a 4.5 stars out of 5 review, we also give it a thumbs up. This string costs $19.99.  Before purchasing it be sure to estimate how many feet of coverage you want. It may be wise to purchase more than one to gain even more coverage and light exposure.

Battery Powered Gazebo Chandelier

And here is one more gazebo chandelier to top off your nights. This is a battery operated gazebo chandelier. It works off of 2 C batteries. It does not require any electric. The size is 15 inches in diameter by11 inches high. It hangs 30 inches from the support. It costs $52.99 and does not come with the batteries.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Outdoor Chandelier

June 20th, 2011 by Maria

Having just the right outdoor chandelier for a porch, balcony, sun room or gazebo is important. Selecting one with the right features to attract the eye also also match your home’s exterior decor are things which make a home more complete. Some of the chandeliers are somewhat delicate, so thinking about location and how much wind exposure the light will experience is important to choosing one which will not become damaged in wind or rain. One thing that is vitally important to remember is that not all chandeliers are suitable for outdoor use. They must be UL approved for wet or damp locations and they must come with sealed circuitry. This prevents any shocking or danger from electrical current. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular outdoor chandeliers that our customers have been purchasing this year.

Madaga Outdoor Chandelier

Royce Lighting Marrakech Three Light Outdoor Chandelier

Our customer favorite is the Madaga Outdoor Chandelier. This is a four light chandelier. It uses a maximum of a 6o watt incandescent light bulbs. It has a steel frame with a black painted finish. It has an overall size of 18.5 inches long x 22 inches wide x 22 inches deep. It has four outdoor chandelier shades of weatherproof fabric type material. It weighs 12.8 pounds and can only be shipped within the United States by It is always a good idea to check for any broken or damaged parts as soon as the package arrives. Then report any problems to the company that you purchased it from. Shipping insurance is always a great idea and protection to the buyer. Overall this chandelier earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and buyers said they really like it, “Nothing but compliments”. This outdoor chandelier sells for $69.99 + 13.05 shipping.

The most lovely of all outdoor chandeliers that our customers have chosen is the Royce Lighting Marrakech Three Light Chandelier with Sepia Tinted Glass. This chandelier was designed by Deborah Shawlik. It has scroll work in expresso finish. The three light bulbs are a medium base. The maximum light blub wattage is 60 (bulbs not included). The overall dimensions are 22.5 inches in diameter by 22 inches high. It is also listed as a portable outdoor chandelier. This fixture weights 15 pounds with a shipping weight of 16.4 pounds. Amazon offers to ship it in the United States as well as other select countries (please contact them for more information). To prevent damage this chandelier must be shipped separately, but it is eligible for free shipping with the Super Saver Shipping option. The list price for this chandelier now, in June of 2011 is $227.48 bu is on sale for $152.15 .

Royce 6 Light Outdoor Chandelier

For a rustic setting this Royce Lighting Outdoor Six Light Chandelier Dark Wood with Beige Weather Resistant Shades is a remarkable choice. It is a circular design. The six lights accommodate a maximum of forty watts. The over all dimensions are 17 inches high, by 24.5 inches wide, by 24.5 inches deep. It is built of metal, wood, and resin materials. The shades are removable and machine washable. The chandelier can be used with and without shades.

This outdoor fixture has earned a rating of 4.5 out of 5 by customers. One customer stated it took just over an hour to install but the directions claim 15 to 30 minutes. The family stated they loved the chandelier. The owners commented that the “Dark Wood” color actually looks almost black and she especially loves the decorative base. Another customer added it to their outside dining area. With a country location for a home it can be very dark at night. Having a larger outdoor chandelier like this enabled them to see while they eat outside.  The homeowner claimed finish was not the nicest looking but from a distance or after dark you can’t see it. This light is on sale now at Amazon for $178.25 and is eligible for Free Super Saving Shipping.

This is a review of three of our most popular outdoor chandelier lights and what customer have to say about them. Outdoor Chandelier Light