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Christmas Outdoor Lights Stories

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

While I was writing about Outdoor Christmas Decorations several of my own decorating stories came to mind. Oh how I can sit here and laugh. So before my Christmas outdoor lights stories slip away once again, let me share them with you.

We all probably have tall tales about trying to get ready for last minute company, grumpy in-laws, or sneaky little kids who want to see what they are getting under the tree, but how about hanging outdoor Christmas lights and decorating? It can be quite a challenge. My friend is the mother of four and she is quite determined to get everything just right for the holidays. The one year she was 8 months pregnant with their fourth. She was up on a step stool trying to get that star on the top of the artificial tree on the front porch. Reaching and stretching she almost had the star fitted over the top twig when she lost her balance and knocked the whole thing onto the deck on top of her. She was OK but decided to leave the star for her husband to take care of when he got home from work. And that doesn’t say anything for her once lovely artificial tree and outdoor tree lights.

Another time I was laying in my bed in the middle of the night and I heard, “Rattle, rattle, shake, rattle, CRASH”, coming from the living room. It was a soft, muffled sound, but it persisted. Getting up out of bed I crept into the living room. Switching on the nearest light- which happened to be in the kitchen- I peaked into the living room. There about halfway up the tree where these golden eyes peering out from the midst of the branches. It was our half grown calico kitten playing hide and seek. She thought our Christmas tree was her personal lair, den, lion’s cave, or something along those lines. What a mess! Half of the bulbs lay in ruins on the hardwood floor. The candle chandelier was swinging from the ceiling. Many of the other ornaments had chew marks embedded in them. She also had attached my indoor Christmas lights and cut some of the wires with her teeth and even removed a few bulbs. Thankfully she didn’t get shocked.

The most hilarous story would have to be another girl friend of mine. After she set her tree up she told her three year old daughter to stay away from it time and time again. Later in the day she went upstairs. The little girl came back into the living room and there she decided to climb under the tree. She wasn’t allowed to take things off of it or play with the lights, but it sure looked like a great place to play Fort. So under she went. A minute or two later her mother heard her crying out, “Mommy Help! Mommy Help!” Running downstairs the mother rounded the corner and disaster met her eyes. Here as the little girl had climbed under the tree she had knocked it off balance. The whole thing tipped over and pinned her to the floor. She was fine, the green Christmas lights were not so fine. Needless to say the little girl no longer thought Christmas Decorations were the best thing to play with.

Probably the most memorable depiction of Christmas outdoor lights of all times is in Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase. All the lights aglow and different members of the family switching on and off light switches, neighbors distraught with a blaze of light from next door, and all the other hilarious stunts depicted so well in that movie.

We all have our share of stories and writing down memories is a great way to remember stories that are so funny. Christmas outdoor lights and decorations are just part of the back drop of every memorable holiday.

For summer time be sure to looking into more exterior lighting ideas such as gazebo lights.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

With the coolness in the fall air now, Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far away so out attention naturally turns away from the outdoor chandeliers for a short time. Our Thanksgiving here in the United States does not come until the end of November, but last week was already Thanksgiving in Canada. With the coolness in the temperature it is not a bad idea to get outdoor Christmas Decorations in place before it is only a high of 30 degrees out. Yesterday a wise neighbor of mine was up on a ladder stringing icicle lights on his house.

Each year it is a treat to get to see what the newest thing is to place in the yard, hang from the house, or wrap around trees and bushes. I think the backbone of outdoor decorations are ones which light up. During the day Christmas decorations are summed up in snow, wreaths, and maybe some bulbs hanging from a pine tree. But the night time is when Christmas is out to dazzle all. For anyone who has visited my site, they would know that outdoor chandeliers are great for hanging and lighting an outdoor area, but the child in me always loves Christmas outdoor lights.

To maximize the use of outside Christmas decorations size plays a big part. If a Christmas Train is really small, then no one will notice it. When I was looking for my own yard I came across this outside train scene on Amazon. It is free standing and comes with 16 ground stakes to hold it into the ground in case of high winds. This train stands about 49 inches high and the entire train is about 20 feet long. The lights and holographic panels are attached to the frame. Some assembly is required when it arrives. The Christmas lights on the train wheels blink in a circular motion to mimic a rolling train. To add even more charm, this yard decoration comes with a speed dial controller which controls the speed of the lights for the wheels. All of the other lights blink on and off as well. The lights and holographic panels (picture panels) are all pre-attached to the frame.

Another thing to consider when making an outside Christmas scene is to choose other matching items

Pine trees are a part of Christmas just about everywhere. For lawns without evergreen trees something like this six foot tall twig tree is a nice addition. With white branches it still shows up during the day time and the lights make is visible at night. By setting one of these on each side of the train and also around the train, the scene begins to enlarge. Choose green artificial trees with lights wired into them offer different height trees around the outdoor scene. Adding things such as solar Christmas lights is also a nice touch.

For existing trees outdoor tree lights are a great choice. Strings of them can be purchased very inexpensively and strung around the trees or up and down them vertically. Single strands add some to a yard, but the more lights the better. The denser the lighting the fuller and richer the yard appears. Short strings of lights are less expensive, but going with longer strings saves time when installing them and reduces the amount of plugs where one line ends and the next begins.

Lights and glitter, toys and trains certainly come to mind with Christmas, especially when children are around, but where would a truly lovely yard be without a manger scene. Outdoor Nativity sets can be a very simple Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in a manger, or it can be the elaborate selection complete with all of the kings, shepherds, angels, star, and animals. Despite the every day media, many many people every year look back to the birth of Christ as important to them. That is why there are so many scenes available. For Nativity sets with lights on them a simple extension cord to plug

them into and a few minutes to insert the stakes into the ground may be all that is needed. For those who like to go all out, a large set like this one I found on Amazon might be just the thing. This is a complete 13 unit set made of very high quality. Additional yard spot lights are a good idea to shine on this at night and also outlining them in white or green Christmas lights is a great choice.

Solar Christmas lights are also another way to add light to areas that are not as easily reached by an extension cord or for those who prefer renewable energy instead of electricity. Solar gives a nice soft glow and also keeps the homeowner from having to remember to turn the lights on in the evening. Solar lights do grow dimmer over time through out the night, but the evening is when most people are concerned with the lights shining the brightest, so take the time and do it.

Christmas outdoor lights and outdoor decorations for Christmas, whether trains or pine trees, Nativity scenes or outdoor tree lights, there is something for just about everyone at this time of year. Setting up and planning for Christmas early removes some of the stress and also some of the cold fingers from trying to get everything set up and ready for this special time of year.

For indoor delights be sure to consider candle chandeliers.

Outdoor Chandelier Light