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Outdoor Chandelier Safety

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Through this site we strive to offer homeowners and future homeowners some outside lighting tips. Ranging from safety to sun rooms, and low voltage lighting to low overhead porches, here are some ideas that we have to share… Take a look and feel free to post a question or comment.

Only use a chandelier that is rated for outdoor use. Too many accidents today result from people not using things for their intended purpose.

For example…My dad drives 1988 pickup truck that is used for everything other than what a typically truck has to endure. I have seen him back into two buildings and a frost free water hydrant in a weeks time, drive over MILES of rutted farm roads pulling a hay wagon “because it has a radio”, and herd horses with it. But the funniest is when he thinks it is a TANK! With the snow where he lives, he hooks up his snow plow and takes off. I have seen him plow his way across an open field, plow out every neighbor within 2 miles, plow down the neighbor’s new trees (much to the neighbor’s dismay), and even tow the state snow plow truck up the hill when it got stuck. Needless to say our once new 1988 truck no longer looks new. One time he even had the thing jump out of gear and go over the hill with two hay wagons behind it, wiping out two wooden fence lines and a gate… Oh well.

This being said, don’t try to cut corners and save a nickel by choosing a light that is not meant for outdoor use.
It is easy to be tempted to choose one not rated for outdoors when it is going to be on a covered porch, sun room, or in a doorway.

But please, go the extra mile and be sure that you get one that is UL approved for outside and wet/damp locations. If you think about it, there are times when the wind can carry rain and snow much farther than any of us would think possible. So make sure you are prepared for those times.

Additionally an outdoor chandelier should come with sealed circuitry, a rubber coated switch, and heavy duty outdoor cord with ground. Weather resistant shade material or waterproof glass shades are not a bad idea either.

Whatever your choice, be conscious of the others in your life and their safety as well.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Sun Room and Outdoor Chandeliers

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Did you ever consider placing an outdoor chandelier in a sun room or solarium? Sun rooms can have a lot of extra humidity and dampness, especially when there are a lot of plants or a hot tub. Having an outdoor chandelier that is designed for damp/wet locations can extend the life of your fixture. Typically chandeliers rated for outside use have sealed circuitry, to prevent moisture from penetrating into the light.

Also, whether you choose an indoor or outdoor chandelier, you might consider putting weather resistant shades on them regardless of the type fixture.  I have even seen some shades that were made from different metals.

Of course head clearance is always a consideration with a hanging fixture. Conveniently locating it over a table is one way to still incorporate your chandelier without bumping into it.  Or a higher clearance chandelier can be used in many more locations.

Outdoor chandeliers are designed for outdoor use, but if you want to extend your inside space with a covered porch or sun room, a chandelier rated for out-of-doors use is a wise decision.

Outdoor chandeliers can be used inside just as well as outside. If you find a style that suits your needs don’t be turned off by the fact that it is rated for outdoor use. Most any product rated for outdoor use is also usable for the interior of a home.

Choosing exterior lighting and using it inside of the home, especially in special rooms such as sun rooms, screened in porches, lanais, or screened in cooking porches, helps to lend a feeling of bringing the outdoors into the inside of the home. We all love to sit and relax.

I believe that you would also find many of the outdoor chandeliers constructed more solidly than some of their interior counterparts. Lights that are exposed to wind and weather should be built very strongly to withstand the weather elements that they may come into contact with. For anyone with small children this also might be an advantage. There is more than one mother out there who has lost a light fixture to a bouncing ball or a flying toy. Gazebo lights can also be used in these special rooms.

So take the time to consider your options. It is never too soon to explore your options and select an outdoor chandelier and other matching light fixtures that will transform a deck or outside space from mundane to extraordinary.
Outdoor Chandelier Light