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Low Voltage Lighting Chandeliers

low voltage outdoor chandelierWhen helping a customer design an outside space, she asked about low voltage lighting options and solar lighting. With a little research, this is what I discovered.

Many times low voltage lighting is perferred to solar lights (which store the light during the day and shine at night). Outdoor solar lights tend to dim as the hours pass, so long evenings can get really dark if that is your only light source. Low voltage lighting, on the other hand, many times only usesĀ  7-12 watt bulbs. Thus the energy consumption is decreased and you have a constant light source that does not dim. For interiors of the home be sure to look for candle chandeliers.
Outdoor Chandelier Light

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2 Responses to “Low Voltage Lighting Chandeliers”

  1. nancy veits says:

    greetings, can you please tell me who produces lights of this nature. i do like this one. thanks, (~.~) nancy

  2. admin says:

    Most of the best outdoor chandeliers are made by kichler lighting company, but Amazon has several in stock. Everyone has had good feed back on these lights. Thanks Sue

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