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Candle Chandelier

May 26th, 2011 by Maria

Of all lighting the candle chandeliers were some of the very first which were designed for functionality and beauty. The first candle chandeliers were made in medieval times for cathedrals and palaces. Simple rough wooden board where nailed into a cross or X pattern, then nails were driven from the under side and left protruding on the top. Then candles the candles were pushed down onto the nail spikes. Over time metal frames came into use. One of my favorite old movies is Errol Flynn in Robin Hood. The huge castles, grand clothing, and large halls were a perfect backdrop for the chandeliers which hung overhead.

As more people desired candle chandeliers more styles, shapes, and designs were created. Originally these lights were a status symbol and acquired by aristocracy, with an increased number available more people were able to afford them. From the simple wooden frame with candles, the next stage in the development of these hanging lights the addition of lead crystals. Crystals were added to reflect and disperse the light. This made candle chandeliers even more popular and paved the way to the electric crystal chandeliers.

Candle Chandelier By Murray Feiss Forged Iron Faux Indoor Use

Candle Chandelier by AF Lighting Ramblin Rose Indoor Use

Candle chandeliers are a unique form of light. With no dependence on electricity, there is no need for electrical wiring present wherever they are going to be hung. Some popular chandeliers today make use of wrought iron, brass, pewter, and other metals. Lighting composition can be one level, two tiered or even three. Frames can be round, oval, squared, or random. The design of the candle holders built into the light frame dictate which style candle is to be used. Some candles are votive and others are tapered.

Since candles can be messy with dripping wax and require more cleaning, some limit their use to outdoor candle chandeliers. If hung outside in a gazebo, covered deck, or balcony dripping may not matter as much to the homeowner. But in the case that you want to take them inside, then an electric candle chandelier is a good choice. Candelabra light bulbs are designed with the shape of a flickering candle in mind. One time I even purchased light bulbs that were supposed to flicker, just like a candle. An outdoor chandelier with candles can also be hung from a tree or arbor.

The allure of the candle chandelier is a credit to the soft atmosphere that it creates. Crystals added to the composition also helps to refract the light, making more of an ambiance. When choosing one for your dining room or other area it is important to consider how large the room is, how high the ceilings are, and the overall shape of the room. When using chandeliers over a dining table it is important to be sure that only a few feet of table space will be lit by a light. When a table is long and narrow then two candle chandeliers may be required to light the room. For smaller rooms a smaller light is applicable. If the ceiling is high realize that the light may need to be hung from a long chain so that it is still effective in decorating the dining space instead of just the ceiling.

Candle Chandelier Cherry Blossom Iron Candle Holder

With a wide variety of metals, styles, and light compositions to choose from it is a nice tough to match the candle chandelier to the style of home. If Spanish flair is your cup of tea, then let the light have metal working indicative of that style. If rusty rustic iron is the tone of your log home, then be sure to choose a wrought iron candle chandelier along those lines.

Shopping for candle chandeliers or outdoor chandeliers can be done either online or in shops. Though standard stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot have a decent lighting selection, you may want to try specialty light shops to find one which matches your taste. For one large focal point light it is no unusual to spend a bit of money. If looking online it is best to purchase from a well established and respected store. That is why I advertise chandeliers I find on Amazon. There are other suppliers out there, but personally I have had a better experience with lighting from them, instead of other online shops. For some reason I have hardly ever been satisfied with lighting purchased from eBay.

Candle Chandelier Framburg Wrought Iron Faux Chandelier Indoor Use

When buying be sure to read the warranties on both the store and the product. It is best to buy new lighting units instead of used. Used ones, even if they appear in good condition, could have damaged wires that is not visible to the eye. Some home fires are caused by faulty wiring.

So be smart and consider not only where you plan to use your candle chandelier, but also the size room or space that is to be lit. There is few lights which possess the simple grace that these possess. And remember if using a candle chandelier be careful of windy days. Also be aware that unless an electric candle chandelier is rated not rated for outdoor use than it should never be used outside of the home. There are some outdoor candle chandeliers which are intended for outdoor usage. Antler candle chandeliers are also another way to accent a room. Bathroom lights also deserve our attention.

Outdoor Chandelier Light


Gazebo Lights

December 6th, 2010 by Maria

Madaga Outdoor Chandelier Also For Use with Popup Gazebo

I thought that it was about time that I devote an entire page of our website Outdoor Chandelier Light to the aspect of Gazebo Lights. Gazebos are unique structures that add the unique and sometimes even unusual aspect to a yard. Gazebos are not a structure devoted to shelter from the elements and housing a family or even protecting an automobile. Instead it trends towards the almost whimsical and is truly a building chosen for athletic purposes more than for practice purposes. Gazebos can be either the permanent type or the portable pop up gazebo style. Permanent gazebos are usually built with a wooden frame and have a roof overhead. Latticework is often chosen for some of the wall-less sides. Thinking back on movies I can’t help but recall two scenes from the famous Sound of Music. Both take place within the wide gazebo on the Von Trapp estate. This particular gazebo was multi sided, very wide, and was incased in glass. One of the first scenes of the movie has the oldest daughter, Lisle, and her suitor, Raul, doing a singing and dance routine together. The second scene depicts the romantic scene between Maria and Captain Von Trapp. Here this structure located in the backdrop of lovely gardens was chosen to further create the mood of the very scene. Gazebos can also be made of logs. For log homes, a log gazebo made from the same materials as the home itself can be situated away from the home and aid in tying the exterior design of the home with its main object, the log home itself.

Paradise Cast Aluminum Solar Gazebo Chandelier

Gazebo lighting serves a few different purposes. Lighting can be used for its functional use of providing light. And it can also be used to help create a backdrop. When company visits a home it is common for the gathering to move to more outdoor areas. If a deck is located just outside of the dining room door, then many times the visitors will end up being invited out onto the deck to sit and enjoy the evening. When a gazebo is near, that too can become a place to sit and relax. Some gazebos are very small while others offer a twelve foot or more width. The larger the structure the more it has a need for a light to serve as the focal point. This is where an outdoor gazebo chandelier comes into play. If a gazebo has a steep roof pitch then a taller longer light can be used. For wider gazebos with more interior space a multi light unit can be used. Standard outdoor chandeliers are rated for outdoor use. They are not only suitable for above covered decks, porches, and balconies, but also for buildings such as the yard gazebo. For times when a table is placed under then hanging light of the gazebo, then an outdoor chandelier is also very useful. For those who prefer not to have an outdoor chandelier as the focal point of a gazebo, there are also the options of a semi flush mount light and a hanging lantern. Chandeliers usually have many arms which protrude from it and reach out with lights on the ends of the arms. A hanging lantern on the other hand has a single light incased in glass and suspended from a chain. This type of light would still shed light in the middle of the area but would not be as overpowering or attention attracting – or distracting – as a chandelier might prove to be. The semi flush mount gazebo light is very similar to a ceiling light for the inside of the home. Corbett Lighting makes a particular ceiling mount light that is decorated with a metal work pattern over the tinted globe. This provides a light which can be situated higher in the gazebo structure. This gazebo light also radiates a good bit of light with its three light bulb composition. Now back to our discussion of purposes of the gazebo light. An outdoor chandelier for gazebos would defiantly fit into the category of focal point lighting. To create more of an atmosphere there are some less noticed lights which can play a vital role. These are the family of outdoor accent lighting with such things as rope lights, colored gazebo lights, wall sconces. The entire purpose of these lights is to accent the structure of the building or the architecture, create a relaxed mood, and to provide a little more light to the outdoor yard areas with out being intrusive to the visitors. Strings of rope lights can be installed on the framework and roof of a gazebo. Some light strings come with the plastic ties to attach them directly to the structure. Rope lights are also similarly installed at time. If lattice work is added to the sides of a gazebo or even just in places, the rope lights can be wound up through the lattice. Wall sconce can be attached to the main supports of the roof and provide more focused light on the sidelines of the building. The second type of gazebos, the pop up gazebos also deserve attention in the body of our article. Pop up gazebos are designed to be portable and quick to assemble and disassemble. Typically the higher quality ones are designed with a strong metal frame work and vinyl roof. Some also have sides which can be opened and closed. To light this type of structure the Madaga Company designed an outdoor gazebo chandelier to be used in their pop up gazebo models. Another popular option for lighting the popup gazebos is the use of accent lights. String or ropes of lights can be attached directly to the framework of the gazebo.

Madaga Pop Up Gazebo with Wicker Furniture

One outside space that deserves attention is around a swimming pool our outdoor hot tub. Either a free standing wooden gazebo can be used or a popup gazebo. There is a great desire to get out of the sun and into the shade. The majority of swimming occurs during the day and in the hot sun. Some times it is nice to sit out and read a book on the side of the pool but not be directly out in the light. The shade provided by a gazebo is perfect for reading or relaxing under. I think one of the biggest benefits to a gazebo area is it is conducive to conversation instead of television. It creates an atmosphere where people are not distracted by the phone (especially if they leave the cell phone inside) and they can just relax without the ringing phone, talking TV set, or flashing computer to draw the attention away. There is a time all of us need to get away from the rush and sit and soak up the outdoors. If you are looking at this site hopping for insights into decorating a gazebo, hanging a chandelier, or selecting outdoor lighting, then you have a taste for what I am describing.

Outdoor Light Strings

Gazebos are many times located away from the home. Also gazebos can be added to the garden after the home is built and the grass and flower beds are well established. In this case it can become a menacing problem and task to extend electricity from the home to the structure. In this case solar lighting is a great option. Solar lights charge during the day and radiate the light during the evening and night hours.  Solar gazebo chandeliers can serve the purpose for lighting the main area. Also other outdoor gazebo lights can sever to light the area without the time and expense of running electric to the structure. When a popup gazebo is used a solar lights can also be an asset. This also prevents the yard from becoming crisscrossed with extension cords.

Solar lights do require a lot of direct sun exposure in order to charge the batteries. If the garden is totally overshadowed with trees or the physical location of the home is always very cloudy the solar panels may not charge enough to supply adequate power to the lights. Solar patio lights range between the outdoor chandeliers, to solar spotlights, solar rope gazebo lights, and even solar rock garden lights. Any solar gazebo lights or patio lights may have to have their batteries replaced from time to time. For areas such as the north eastern United States, solar lights may not get enough sunlight. For western states such as Montana which receives an average of 302 days of sun per year they perform a little better. Many homeowners with solar driveways lights are very happy with them. Solar power does not typically produce a bright light, but it is a ‘free’  and Green power source for sure.

Corbett Semi Flush Gazebo Light

Now for times in which gazebos and gazebo lighting can come into use. For those yard parties or garden parties a gazebo, lovely yard, and flower gardens all serve the purpose of taking the guest outdoors and providing places and scenes to tingle their senses. So parties are one time that outdoor gazebo lights serve the purpose. Another time is for reunions. Popup gazebos are perfect for erecting in the yard or even at a park to provide more covered seating and dining areas, a band area, and even a dance floor. Family reunions can be quite large, so large portable gazebos can be put to the task. Outdoor weddings and receptions are also times when a large gazebo tent is usable. One neighbor a few years ago had a yard wedding and used a white gazebo tent with arched window openings with mosquito netting over them. It gave a graceful air and worked well even with the wind came up. To light the area gazebo chandelier were hung from the frame. Also Japanese lanterns were put to the task. Having areas well lit with gazebo lights encourages people to stay longer. The linger effect occurs. For an evening wedding, the reception can last well into the night. As the darkness pulls its veil over the world once more then the gazebo lighting, outdoor chandeliers and ropes of lights can all do their job. Extra lighting also makes it safer for people walking in the yard and around garden paths.

Outdoor gazebo lights are many and varied. From solar powered to outdoor chandeliers, rope lights to accent lighting, there are many to choose from. It is worth taking the time to select just the right outdoor lighting combination for the gazebo of your choice. For interiors be sure to look for a candle chandelier. Another interior style chandelier is the Antler Chandelier.Bathroom lights should also be carefully researched.

Outdoor Chandelier Light