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Outdoor Chandelier Styles

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

“So am I stuck with just one kind?” Why do I hear that so much in our customer experience…? Simply because people just don’t know. Yes, you certainly do have to be very careful with safety issues when you select a light for outside.

If you gain nothing else from this, PLEASE understand that you have to have one that is meant to be used in wet/damp locations. (See my post titled “Outdoor Chandelier Ideas and Locations” for more safety details.)

BACK TO STYLES~ So what is there to choose from?

From looking at numerous stores, and on-line, I can say that there are many styles. Typically I have seen anywhere from three separate lights, up to a 15 light chandelier.

Styles can range from rustic antlers, to floral shaped globes, to square mission, to wrought iron. Your chandelier should match your exterior home decor.

Some other things to think about are: durability of shades, bug and insects, and headroom.

If you choose a light with shades, be sure they are made from weather resistant fabric or material.


When a chandelier is located outside where bugs and insects come into contact with it, verses in a screened in porch or sun room, you might not want to choose a light with “right side up” globes. This style of globes are notorious for trapping and collecting every bug in town.  So in these cases a sealed or “upside down” globe is a good choice.


When locating a chandelier over a table, a down light as part of the chandelier composition is a good choice. That way the table area is brighter for those evening board games or reading.


Also when choosing where to hang your chandelier, don’t forget to compensate for the “height” of the light. In a steep pitched roof, such as a gazebo can offer, a taller light fixture can be incorporated. If hung on a deck located outside of a walk-out basement, a more compact version is not a bad idea.
But above all, choose the one that fits your needs and reflects your own outside space dreams.
Outdoor Chandelier Light