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Antler Chandelier

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Lighting in a custom home is of course a base element of the home, but the homeowner also gets to choose the final fixture

choices. Antler chandeliers are one item that is very popular in any home that reflects the Western feel. No matter if a home is standard construction, brick, or log, the antler chandeliers cast a rustic flair to any room.

Antler chandeliers commonly have a collection of antlers, real or imitation, and then candelabras mounted in the the light composition. Some have shades that look like leather. Others have a down light incorporated into them. These light fixtures themselves, can be very heavy. Authentic antlers are probably weight the most, but each fixture should be checked before it is hung.

Elk Antler Chandelier and other big boys

12 Antler Reproduction Elk Chandelier

Elk, moose, and caribou are the largest animals that the antler chandeliers are commonly made from. The caribou are the most rare, but in some settings, such as in Alaska and Canada where they are native, a chandelier made from the caribou antlers may be more common. An elk antler chandelier looks great in a lodge or a great room. With sweeping curves of the tines, the larger the rack, the more massive the light can be. It doesn’t take a hole lot of elk antlers to make a very lovly and impressive light. Moose are also used. With the wider paddles they can give a slightly different look to a room.

When choosing an antler chandelier for a room, ceiling height must be considered. A smaller deer antler chandelier can be mounted in rooms with less overhead clearance. When a room has a cathedral ceiling of 20 feet to the peak, a home owner can choose just about any size chandelier. Mule deer chandeliers also provide another option. Smaller than the elk and larger than the white tail deer antlers, the mule deer antlers are a unique touch.

Faux Antler Chandelier

The other option is the imitation or faux antler chandelier. Not usually as heavy in weight or high in cost, there are some very classy looking faux chandeliers on the market. Compared side by side, sometimes the imitation antler is hard to distinguish from the original. Much less when the light is suspended in the air, the differences are even harder to see. Even though all of the real antler chandeliers are made from “shed”, or antlers that naturally fall from the animal during the winter, after mating season, some people prefer to leave the authentic ones outside and use man-made antlers for any lighting, furniture, or decorating needs.

Deer Antler Chandelier

One aspect to consider with chandeliers is that even if the light itself has as many as 15 lights, it still should not be used as the only light source. This is where recessed, can lights, or track lighting comes into play. The job of the antler chandelier is to enhance the atmosphere of the room. The secondary role is to provide some lighting. When a chandelier is called upon to light an entire area, the bulbs may be so bright that the grace of the chandelier is lost to the viewer. It is better to turn down the light from the chandelier and balance it with the track lighting. Track lighting allows for each separate light to be directed where ever desired. This allows more light to be shined in a room and it also allows the antler giant to attract attention and become the focal point.

Antler Chandeliers for Custom Homes

Appalachina Antler Chandelier

Whatever your room choice, think in advance about spending the extra funds necessary to incorporate not just the antler chandelier, but other track or recessed lighting as well. Adding a touch of antlers gives a room a definite wilderness feel in a very subtle way. Though of course antlers can be found for just about everything, keeping it to a minimum and using it for one major design element of the room, such as the lighting, keeps the room from being over stated in one area. The addition of leather furniture, a wooden sled in the corner, and simple wide plank book shelves enhances the rustic feel without overusing the antlers in the entire room.

It should be noted that all of these antler chandeliers are rated for indoor used. They are also all a combination of antlers and candle chandeliers. Be sure to take a peak at our bathroom lighting section.

Outdoor Chandelier Light