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Royce Six Light Outdoor Chandelier

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Outdoor chandeliers are a great way to light an outdoor area. For those exterior spaces that are larger, a larger light is of course more appropriate. Outdoor chandeliers come in so many different styles, but this one by Royce offers 6 lights to shine onto your outdoor occasion instead of one or two. Some outdoor chandeliers are only one light suspended from the ceiling. That to me is a far cry from what is desired over a spacious patio complete with wicker love seat, chairs, coffee table, and of course the ever popular small frig tucked away in the corner, serving as a small treasure chest to store away beverages for a quiet evening.

Sometimes I think that it is a great idea to also leave the phone in the house on those quiet evenings out on the deck under the outdoor chandelier. Just about everyone, it seems, these days have an answering machine, caller ID, voice mail, and even voice mail on the second line in case two people call in at the same time. So why is it that we seem to have to have that hand held phone in our hand or within reach at every moment. What’s the purpose of all our gadgets to answer our calls when we can’t seem to tear ourselves away from them to spend a few quiet moments with our kids, spouses, or neighbors, or even with just yourself and a good book?

When choosing a light for your outdoor area it is better to air on the side of more light than you think you will need, verses just barely enough. The installation of a dimmer with your outdoor chandelier light fixture can make it so each to adjust the light to just where you want it. If the sun is still barely over the horizon, sometimes it is nice to set your light to a soft glow. Then as the natural light recedes you can turn it up accordingly.

The weather resistant canvas shades on this light not only soften the light, but also reduce the damage from mildew or mold. We all know fungi such as mold is so determinable to outdoor cushions, upholstery, and lamp shades as well.

Another great feature of this light is the lovely dark wood. Almost a dark mahogany or walnut color, it blends nicely with just about any color scheme.

For size this outdoor chandelier is one of the larger ones. Measuring about 17 inches high and 24.5 inches wide and deep, absorb more of the air space it is suspended in.

So turn your ringer off, shut off the TV, and move you yourself out onto your patio where your outdoor chandelier waits to make the evening shadows melt into the back drop of a quiet sunset.

Sadly, as all good things that must come to an end, the winter winds are not far away. Even though we move inside for much of the winter months outdoor Christmas Decorations are a great way to enjoy the holidays even more.

Gazebo lights are also a popular item.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Luxury Outdoor Chandeliers

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Luxury outdoor chandeliers are unique, exquisite, and lovely. With just the right amount of flair to accent any occasion, they also are so functional. In nice weather, more and more people entertain out of doors. Our home state of Idaho is such an outdoors place, that we have sat on the covered porch with more than one friend and watched the sun set over the Rocky Mountains…

With colored hues of the sun stretching across the sky, the highest peak, stood out above them all. The light from the outdoor chandelier seemed to make the evening light last a little longer. Prong horn antelope, forever out to consume my rose bushes one thorny leaf at a time, ate unnoticed at the edge of the mowed grass. The neighbor drives by, out exercising his team of huskies for the winter season, jog by in the evening light. He waves, able to see us by the light of the six bulbs in the outdoor chandelier.

The sun sinks a little lower now. The mountains have taken on a dark purple tone, like a drowsy giant tucking himself in under a huge lavender quilt. A few stray shafts of orange and pink still hang over the last place the sun hung before it dropped like a coin in a gum ball machine, down behind the horizon. The customers are still talking about just getting to live here. Their lot is just down the road from the model home on who’s porch they are now relaxing under the outside chandelier light.

The light is gone now and our attention turns once more to the blue prints on the table in front of us. The outdoor lights still helping to extend this lovely evening. A few more pencil lines are drawn on the prints. A few more ideas are exchanged. A few last details worked out. Visible on the West side of their home plans is now a wide deck with room for an outdoor chandelier of their own. Our homes and our lights sell themselves because of the ever consistent bottom line of quality coupled with price and a friendly knowledgeable builder to match them both.

Thanks for reading and if you find yourself out in the Rocky Mountain West, come for a visit. We are pretty low key out here. Sitting under the outdoor chandelier, watching that sun sink behind the towering mountains…

Outdoor Chandelier Light