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Low Voltage Outdoor Chandelier

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

After exploring issues ranging from outdoor chandelier ideas, locations, and safety issues, here is a chandelier I would like point out.

This is a low voltage outdoor chandelier. Six light bulbs, each offering 11.6 watts, would offer a soft light to any get together.

Low voltage tends to be a better light choice than solar, as solar lights grow dim over the hours. Also low voltage light is a very consistent light source, but it does not consume a lot of energy.

With six feet of chain, it could easily be installed above a table or even in a gazebo.

Be careful how you hang this light, as it does weigh 25 pounds.

A stylish metal frame and cylinder globes give this light a unique and delicate look.

With today’s energy concerns, going “Green” involves every avenue of life. From driving hybrid cars, to upgrading insulation in a home, each and every thing we do to consume less energy benefits us in many ways. Some of these benefits are lower utility bills, lower gasoline costs, and also less consumption of energy as a whole.

The choice of low voltage lighting is not a difficult choice. Most of the time only a limited amount of light is needed anyway on a patio or deck. Limiting the voltage encourages the person to enjoy the sun setting and the evening wrapping itself around the outside of the home.

For those who suffer from spouses that are workaholics it helps to have a darker area so that they don’t just bring along the laptop computer right out onto the deck. Limited lightening encourages them to leave it inside and take a break from the stresses of constant work.

For those with small children, the low voltage outdoor chandelier gives off enough light that they can play with blocks or trucks on the porch and still not fear the darkness. Outdoor gazebo lights are also useful in locations like a porch.

Outdoor Chandelier Light