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Outdoor Chandeliers for Gazebos

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

When choosing lighting for a gazebo, the same water resistant and UL approval for wet/damp locations is still important. Though the roof line of a gazebo provides some protection, a light still must be rated for outdoor use in order to be safe. All of the outdoor chandeliers are perfect to meet these needs. At times gazebos do not have any electric wiring and the homeowner does not want to take the time and expense to extend electricity to it. In these cases a solar light is a good choice.

This Paradise Cast Aluminum Solar Gazebo Chandelier offers a nice solution. Offered in brown with frosted glass, this outdoor chandelier has three  LEDs per shade to illuminate the area. Weighing only 8 pounds and with no wiring required, installation is not difficult. This outdoor fixture lights up automatically as the sun recedes each evening. Another plus to this light is the cast aluminum. Aluminum will not rust.

Amazon does ship this exterior light separately to prevent any breakage or damage.

When hanging a light like this be sure that if the wind begins to blow hard that it will not swing sideways and collide with other parts of the gazebo. For larger gazebos, two might be even more appropriate. Solar lights do dim throughout the night as the stored solar energy escapes. But considering most gazebo and decks are used in the early evening and shortly after the sun sets, the solar should provide enough light until the homeowners and guests are ready to return inside the home.

Other selections of gazebo lights can also be useful for these special buildings.

Another great way to put a gazebo to decorative work during the winter months is to place outdoor Christmas decorations around it, string outdoor tree lights from the edges, and even place a reindeer on the roof.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Outdoor Gazebo Lighting

Monday, May 24th, 2010

When thinking about outdoor gazebo chandeliers there are a few other things that come to mind. Many times instead of a wooden or log gazebo on accenting the yard and outside space of a home, a more temporary Outdoor Patio Home is sought after.

This Madaga brand Outdoor Patio Home Gazebo is one of the favorites on the market. With the superstructure of steel, the support columns are almost twice as thick as other outdoor patio gazebos. Also included with this gazebo is mosquito netting. The textile material is 100% Terylene. Measuring 10′x10′ and 10′ high, it offers plenty of headroom and also space for outdoor patio furniture.

One unique way to set up this gazebo is to anchor it to bolts drilled up through the planking on a deck. This provides a very solid surface for it to be attached to. Care should be given if snow is a consideration in your area. Heavy snow can damage these units. It is wise to disassemble and store it in the off season.

This outdoor gazebo is also known for it’s easy assembly.

To further enhance your outdoor gazebo consider adding some gazebo lighting. Built to complement this outdoor gazebo, the Madaga Outdoor Chandelier. This outdoor light fixture is rated for outdoor use. It is made from steel with black rust -resistant powder coated finish.  It’s 16 foot heavy duty cord is designed with an on/off switch. Four separate lights each accept 60 watt bulbs to light the area surrounding it. The four lamp shades are also included, but bulbs are sold separately.

Ready for one more lighting touch that you just can’t resist? This string of 140 lights add that soft touch to any evening affair. So make your evenings special and choose the outdoor gazebo lighting, outdoor gazebo, and accent lights to match. Antler Chandeliers are a nice touch inside the home.

Outdoor Chandelier Light