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Types of Outdoor Gazebo Chandelier Options

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Outdoor chandeliers come in three main types solar, electric, and candle chandeliers. When looking for outdoor chandeliers for gazebos there are some options which should be considered before a choice is made. Gazebos are unique buildings. First let’s look at the very permanent kind. Then an eye will be paid to the much more portable outdoor patio gazebos.

Very permanent gazebos are made of wood. Typically they are multi sided. A gabled steep pitch roof line is also very characteristic. A railing with spindles or lattice around the edge is also common. Gazebos are not usually used for eating in, but they can be. The point of having a gazebo is to add aesthetic beauty to a home and garden. Most homeowners do not bother with a gazebo until they begin to focus on improving their landscaping and exterior home design as a whole. Gazebos do require maintenance such as painting or staining every few years, roofing as needed, and also a regular check for insect and rot damage.

Gazebos can be placed by themselves in a yard, such as along a walkway, or they can be built onto part of a deck such as on the corner of a patio by a pool. If a home is log, some homeowners choose to order a log gazebo when they purchase their home. The round post and beam style is lovely and allows for all the angles typical with a six or eight sided gazebo. Handcrafted log railing can be used in place of the lattice to further enhance the feel of log and the abstinence from standard building material. Stacked logs can be used for a gazebo, but it is more common to use the post and beam construction.

On the less permanent side of things is the portable outdoor patio gazebo. Theses are tent like structures, constructed of metal frames with fabric or canvas stretched over them. The sides usually have bug netting to limit mosquito infestation in the evening hours. A patio gazebo can be used in the yard, anchored with bolts screwed into the ground on the corners, or it can be set on a deck. To prevent wind interference holes can be drilled through the decking boards and the gazebo anchored to bolts inserted though the holes. A downfall to these gazebos is that the metal may not be very strong and also the fabric can fade under the direct light of the sun. The Madaga Portable Home gazebo is one that is very highly reviewed by customers as having a good high quality metal frame. Combating fading is another issue, to limit fading, an anti-UV spray and be applied to the fabric cover. It is best to spray this coating to it when it is brand new so that UV damage is limited from the beginning.

Now let’s turn an eye towards the lights themselves. Any time a low-voltage chandelier or an electric one is going to be used, the gazebo must be wired for electricity. Running overhead wires from the house or garage is possible, but does takes away from the beauty of the outdoor space. A better way is to bury the electric underground. Backhoes can be brought to the site, but this can leave a mess. To bury the electric some contractors have Bobcats with special attachments to limit the amount of ground disturbance that must be done. Skid steers are small and can turn sharply. Rubber track mounted units are used by many landscapers. After the electric is trenched the gazebo can be wired with an outlet and a box to hang the outdoor chandelier from. Outdoor chandeliers may come with a plug and an extension cord. This enables the light to be plugged in. Hard wiring it directly is also done, but if a gazebo chandelier gets damaged and needs to be replaced, only having to plug it in is easier than reinstalling it with hardwiring.

Gazebos are unique buildings and when matching one with outdoor chandeliers for gazebos choices the height and width of the building should be looked into. A taller steeper pitched roof can accommodate a taller, longer outdoor light unit. If the gazebo is wider with a lower roof line, then an outdoor chandelier that is wider can be used. If a table is going to be placed in the gazebo then that also should be taken into consideration. Running into a heavy wrought iron outdoor chandelier with a head does not feel good. So choosing carefully the location as well as the furniture to be used in an area is a good idea.

It should be noted that not all chandeliers are for outdoor use. Outdoor chandeliers are specially UL rated for outdoor use and are intended for wet/damp locations. Also rubber coated switches and heavy grounded extension cords are all part of making them safe for outdoor use.

Other outdoor chandeliers for gazebos would include solar gazebo chandeliers and gazebo candle chandeliers. Both of these are very useful for areas where there is no electric. Candles and solar use alternative energy sources and are very Green in comparison to electricity from some non renewable sources.

Solar gazebo chandeliers collect light during the day. Then they light themselves up at dusk. Solar light is not very bright and it does grow dimmer and fade out during the night. Most homeowners use their gazebos in the evening so the light does happen to be the brightest during the time that it is most frequently used. Outdoor candle chandeliers are also not very bright, but they add lots of charm to an area. Flickering candle light over a quiet conversation as the sun is setting is undoubtedly romantic. Gazebo lights can serve many purposes.

Outdoor chandeliers are many and can be made to match just about any situation on the outside of the home. Gazebos enhance a yard and also provide a place to sit out of the direct sunlight. Madaga does have an outdoor chandelier for its gazebos, specifically designed for the portable yard gazebo. Making choices of higher quality outdoor lighting, such as Kichler outdoor lighting, also helps to insure that a light is of high craftsmanship and will last. Antler Chandeliers are also a wonderful option for inside the home. For indoor uses, bathroom lights should be shopped for with the same care.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Outdoor Chandeliers for Gazebos

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

When choosing lighting for a gazebo, the same water resistant and UL approval for wet/damp locations is still important. Though the roof line of a gazebo provides some protection, a light still must be rated for outdoor use in order to be safe. All of the outdoor chandeliers are perfect to meet these needs. At times gazebos do not have any electric wiring and the homeowner does not want to take the time and expense to extend electricity to it. In these cases a solar light is a good choice.

This Paradise Cast Aluminum Solar Gazebo Chandelier offers a nice solution. Offered in brown with frosted glass, this outdoor chandelier has three  LEDs per shade to illuminate the area. Weighing only 8 pounds and with no wiring required, installation is not difficult. This outdoor fixture lights up automatically as the sun recedes each evening. Another plus to this light is the cast aluminum. Aluminum will not rust.

Amazon does ship this exterior light separately to prevent any breakage or damage.

When hanging a light like this be sure that if the wind begins to blow hard that it will not swing sideways and collide with other parts of the gazebo. For larger gazebos, two might be even more appropriate. Solar lights do dim throughout the night as the stored solar energy escapes. But considering most gazebo and decks are used in the early evening and shortly after the sun sets, the solar should provide enough light until the homeowners and guests are ready to return inside the home.

Other selections of gazebo lights can also be useful for these special buildings.

Another great way to put a gazebo to decorative work during the winter months is to place outdoor Christmas decorations around it, string outdoor tree lights from the edges, and even place a reindeer on the roof.

Outdoor Chandelier Light