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Outdoor Candle Chandelier

Monday, August 31st, 2009

From outdoor chandelier safety, to locations, and styles; we have explored quite a few things in this site. An outdoor candle chandelier is something I have not written about so far. There are several advertised over at Amazon. This one is an In The Garden and More brand. It is 13 1/2 inches tall and 9 3/4 inches in diameter. It has a removable chain for hanging and has spaces for three candles. The metal is dark green complete with a bird perched on the side. I could see it hung from a yard canopy or lattice covered patio. Only four pounds in weight, it wouldn’t be hard to hang.

When using candles for an outdoor chandelier light be extra sure that any flammable is well out of harms way. Candles, though inexpensive, can turn every expensive if a fire occurs. Care should be paid that none of the candles are left burning unattended. If you are growing drowsy, play it safe and extinguish them a little early.

One thing that I want to explain is why the items listed on here are from Amazon…

There are so many different places on line to purchase things today, but credibility of the up most importance. Recently I purchased a DVD set. It was not available from Amazon so I bought it elsewhere. Quite literally, this is what happened to me. I purchased the DVD set. It arrived and it was quite obviously taped directly off of the television. The DVD case was not as described in the listings. Also the shipping information was all in Chinese. So I ended up with a 100% “boot legged” copy. It was heart breaking. Honesty over the Internet is not the easiest thing to come by. And when purchasing an outdoor candle chandelier you want to be sure it arrives in perfect condition.

Be assured that all of the information I have written about and talked about is all original. We are builders, and we do care that the products you purchase are in fact from legitimate companies. I know some people don’t like to shop at places like Wal-mart, because they are “squeezing out the competition”. But I can say this, the Amazons, Wal-marts, and Fed-Ex companies of this world provide good service and consistent products. That is why they are successful. When building our homes I have purchased everything from specialty tools to outdoor chandelier lights on Amazon. And so that is why you find the lighting advertised on Outdoor Chandelier Lights and outdoor gazebo lights from Amazon.

Outdoor Chandelier Light