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Outdoor Chandeliers ~ideas and location

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Outdoor chandeliers are a special way to light many outdoor areas. Below you will find outside lighting tips, ranging from safety issues to planning ideas. From small decks to large porches, to sun rooms and gazebos, an outdoor chandelier is a perfect way to make those special evenings even more memorable.


Whenever choosing outdoor chandeliers~

1. Be sure it is UL approved for outside and wet/damp locations.

2. An outside chandelier should come with sealed circuitry, a switch which is rubber coated, and a heavy outdoor cord which has a grounded plug.

3. Whenever a chandelier is exposed to more weather, i.e. in a shallow outdoor entry, choosing one with waterproof glass shades is not a bad idea.

4. Lastly, if you want one with fabric shades, be sure the shades are made from a weather resistant fabric or material.


Deck or porch lighting~

Beyond safety and weather durability of outdoor chandeliers, you also should consider where you are planning to place your new light. When a chandelier is located over a table, a down light included in the chandelier is very helpful.

Gazebo lights~ Many gazebos have a steeper pitch to the roof. Here is a perfect place to incorporate a “taller” chandelier, one with more height. (Not usually as viable of a choice with a normal porch ceiling height.)

Royce 4 Light Outdoor Chandelier

Sun room lighting~ Sun rooms and solariums are another wise place to utilize a outdoor rated light fixture. Especially in the case that the sun room has extensive plants or a hot tub, the extra humidity can be very taxing on a chandelier not rated for outside, damp use.

Low voltage lighting~ Turn your outside space even more “GREEN” with a low voltage outdoor chandelier. There are two prime advantages to a low voltage light- 1. the lower energy consumption, and 2. low voltage is a more stable light source than a solar powered light. Solar lights can tend to grow dim.

Once you determine where you plan to hang your outdoor chandelier then it is time to select the style. Kichler outdoor lighting is a very popular style. Other brand names are Royce and Madaga. In lighting you get what you pay for. At times name brands do help to insure that that outdoor light will in fact hold up over time because it is made from stronger and an overall better selection of material.

One style of outdoor chandeliers is the large outdoor chandeliers. Typically they have multiple lights, an wider span, and also taller. Mini chandeliers are fine, but at times the larger ones meet the need the best. When using an outdoor chandelier over a table or in the center of an area where you like to visit with people, then a fixture which is capable of shedding more light is important. Also in larger areas the outdoor chandelier becomes central to the focal point of the area.

An outside chandelier is in fact the same thing as an outdoor chandelier. As the name implies it is meant for outdoor use. At times, as mentioned above with sun rooms and solarium, it is better to choose a fixture rated for outdoor use. It should be remembered that just because a fixture is intended for the outside of the home it does not mean that it cannot be used elsewhere inside of the home. If you find an outside chandelier that suits your needs and fits with the decor of a room, don’t hesitate to go ahead and use it.

One of the most sought after lights of our visitors has been outdoor chandeliers for gazebos. Gazebos are other places in which these lights work well. From solar light units to taller longer models, gazebo chandeliers are part of the wide world of gazebo lighting. When a homeowner is going to the expense of adding an area that an outdoor chandelier would be suitable for, they usually like to invest in their home’s outdoor design as a whole. Things such as gazebos become part of the area. So be sure to take a look at our outdoor gazebo chandelier article for more details.

BUT MOST OF ALL: Your outside chandelier should reflect the overall character of you and your exterior home design. There are numerous choices out there, from rustic log cabins to beach motif, and contemporary to classic. Whatever YOUR choice, have fun with it and turn your area into somewhere you want to linger just a little bit longer…

During the fall and winter months other outside lighting such as outdoor Christmas Decorations, outdoor tree lights, and solar Christmas lights are great choices to enrich the outside of the home and to celebrate the holiday season.

Outdoor Chandelier Light

Outdoor Chandelier Safety

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Through this site we strive to offer homeowners and future homeowners some outside lighting tips. Ranging from safety to sun rooms, and low voltage lighting to low overhead porches, here are some ideas that we have to share… Take a look and feel free to post a question or comment.

Only use a chandelier that is rated for outdoor use. Too many accidents today result from people not using things for their intended purpose.

For example…My dad drives 1988 pickup truck that is used for everything other than what a typically truck has to endure. I have seen him back into two buildings and a frost free water hydrant in a weeks time, drive over MILES of rutted farm roads pulling a hay wagon “because it has a radio”, and herd horses with it. But the funniest is when he thinks it is a TANK! With the snow where he lives, he hooks up his snow plow and takes off. I have seen him plow his way across an open field, plow out every neighbor within 2 miles, plow down the neighbor’s new trees (much to the neighbor’s dismay), and even tow the state snow plow truck up the hill when it got stuck. Needless to say our once new 1988 truck no longer looks new. One time he even had the thing jump out of gear and go over the hill with two hay wagons behind it, wiping out two wooden fence lines and a gate… Oh well.

This being said, don’t try to cut corners and save a nickel by choosing a light that is not meant for outdoor use.
It is easy to be tempted to choose one not rated for outdoors when it is going to be on a covered porch, sun room, or in a doorway.

But please, go the extra mile and be sure that you get one that is UL approved for outside and wet/damp locations. If you think about it, there are times when the wind can carry rain and snow much farther than any of us would think possible. So make sure you are prepared for those times.

Additionally an outdoor chandelier should come with sealed circuitry, a rubber coated switch, and heavy duty outdoor cord with ground. Weather resistant shade material or waterproof glass shades are not a bad idea either.

Whatever your choice, be conscious of the others in your life and their safety as well.

Outdoor Chandelier Light